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City Thermo Pane has been manufacturing high quality insulated units for the residential and commercial construction markets in Atlantic Canada for over 35 years. Based in Northern New-Brunswick, City Thermo Pane's products have proven themselves to be reliable in one of Canada's most rigid environments.
City Thermo Pane holds one of the most inclusive selection of IGMA certified IG's in North America. Whether your project is residential or commercial, we can manufacture a certified insulated unit to meet your needs.
Below is a chart of some products offered by City Thermo Pane that are IGMA certified:

Note: Clear glass also includes laminated, tinted, pattern or any other uncoated glass
City Thermo Pane carries a wide range of spacer bars including Super Spacer, I-Spacer by Technoform and Anodized Aluminum Spacer.  We inventory all sizes necessary to allow us to manufacture any unit thickness required for each type of project.  We also carry a number of colours in Super Spacer and I Spacer.
Whether it's clear annealed units or highly energy efficient glass combinations, including hard coat and soft coat Low-E product, tints, tempered, laminated, structural silicones or coated glass our expertise will allow us to manufacture a unit to meet your unique project needs at the level of performance you require.
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