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Architectural / Special Pattern Glass
Architectural Glass
Architectural glass is usually 4mm thick and has a texture applied by a roller while in the molten state.  It is also traditionally clear without any colour added.
By distorting images you can achieve partial or full privacy to any room or cabinet.
Character can be added without undergoing expensive or messy renovations.  Applications for architectural glass can be kitchen cabinets, room dividers, bathroom windows, garage door windows and front entrance windows.
Special Pattern Glass
Pattern glass comes in a variety of thicknesses from 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 6mm and 10mm.  Standard patterns used for such things as garage windows, bathroom windows, sidelite and transom windows.

Patterned Glass & Specialties in stock:
3mm Pinhead                              72 x 84
5mm Pinhead                              72 x 84
3mm Acid Etched                        63 x 88
3mm Clear Seeded                     48 x 48
4mm Sparkolite                           72 x 48
4mm Delta Sandblast                  72 x 96

4mm Niagara                               72 x 84

2mm Non Glare                           36 x 48 pkg of 4
5mm Robax                                 33 x 62
5mm Clear Tempered Door Lites:
31 3/16” x 76 11/16”
-sizes may change slightly due to availability at time of order
-the above listed patterned glass is our stock selection, many other patterns are available
 upon request.

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